Hotel Booking .aspx

Hotel Management .aspx Features

While customers are relaxing and having a great time, the staff have to deliver a number of errands without any delays, mistakes, and miscalculations. For this, they need a swift, stable and secure .aspx equipped with all the necessary features.

Let’s take a look at Beta Source Software Pvt Ltd Source .aspx features you might want to see in each of the modules.

1. Launch A Hotel Website

You can look for a hotel reservation system that can help you launch your own hotel website. In this way, you’ll be saving a lot of your money and save time that would be consumed to build one.

2. User-Friendly Interface

A hotel booking engine with a good user-friendly interface will allow customers to easily navigate through your website. Your website should load faster on all devices to save your customers’ time. Thus, a user-friendly interface will increase the chances of booking as customers prefer to plan and book on the go.

3. Easy Booking Process

The booking process should include minimal steps. If it takes a long time to fill unnecessary forms, chances are that the customer will abandon the booking and head to other websites.

4. Offline Booking

A hotel booking should be able to offer you options to handle your on-desk and online bookings.

If a customer walks in you should be able to book rooms from the back-end of the system.

In addition to that, you must be able to keep an eye on the online bookings made through your websites.

5. Mobile-Friendly

As most of the customers nowadays use their phones, tablets, ipads etc devices to book rooms, it is an impossible to avoid feature.

6. Support For Multiple Languages & Currencies

As you launch a website, it is available on the internet. Now the customers around the world will be able to access your website.

But what if they want to come to your hotel and aren’t able to understand or read your website in their language. If they don’t understand then they will go for another hotel website that helps them to learn more about their services.

So make sure that the hotel booking engine you choose has support for multiple and currencies.

7. Easy Management Of Rooms

You should be able to add rooms to your system, add the details like the amenities and features of rooms, edit the status of rooms when the time arises and also room a reallocation facility to change rooms at a customer’s demand.

8. Integrated Payment Gateway

The booking will be done online so the customers will pay through their debit cards or credit cards. As security for online payments a high priority, it is really important to go for a hotel booking engine that provides a secure payment gateway so that customers trust your brand and don’t change their minds.

9. Easy Search Option

Customers must able search for hotels in a particular location and view the availability of rooms in between the preferred dates.

10. Discounts

Offering discounts is a great way to attract customers. Through the system, you should be able to create offers or discounts for new or current customers when required.

11. Image Gallery

One of the great ways to attract users is by showing beautiful pictures of your hotel, hotel rooms, amenities and any other services. That’s why you must opt for a hotel reservation system that provides you the option to add a number of images.

12. Review System

Nowadays online travelers consider reviews as a personal recommendation. They check for the reviews of other guests before booking a room in a hotel. So if you have good reviews chances are high the travelers will get encouraged to book a room in your hotel.

So, it’s advantageous to have a review system in your reservation system, through which you can moderate and encourage guests to leave reviews for your hotel.

13. Google Maps Integration

Having Google Maps on your hotel website helps customers discover your hotel. When they search for hotels in a particular location, then the Google map will pinpoint all the hotels available in that location including yours.

Not only will it help customers to get directions to reach your hotel, but also boost your SEO. Google shows hotel’s physical address , phone number , reviews given by people and a lot more information which help in bringing your hotel on top of search results.

14. Refund Option

At times some customers may cancel their booking due to some reason and they may ask for a refund. So you must have the option to refund funds to the customers as a sign of a good gesture.

15. Customization And Editing Options

Since you will be adding images of hotel rooms, amenities and features along with descriptions of each, you also require the option to change images and edit and customize the text of descriptions. By using images and proper text you’ll be able to communicate with your customers and prompt them for direct booking.

16. Order Restriction

Suppose you need to renovate your hotel or any hotel rooms or you don’t want customers to book rooms after a certain date. So, through order restriction you can set a maximum date after which bookings won’t be allowed.

17. Multi-Booking System For Separate Dates

Giving customers options to book different rooms for separate dates can be very convenient for them as they won’t have to repeat the process of bookings. This kind of flexibility is assured to convince the customers to prefer your hotel over others.

18. Dashboard With Stat

A dashboard provides you with the overview of important information like sales, recent bookings, conversion rates, the number of online visitors, net profit etc.

With Stats, it becomes easy to study, learn and keep track of your hotel performance.

19. Social Media Links

Displaying social media buttons or icons is an also a great way to connect with customers.

Allow you visitors visit your Facebook , Twitter or Google+ page and give them the opportunity to like the pages.

By liking or following your pages they will get updates regarding any future events in your hotel and will be aware of discounts or promotional offers so that they become repeating customers.

20. Quick And Responsive Customer Support

As problems in any .aspx are inevitable , it is really important to choose a product that has helping customer support service. You must choose a hotel reservation system that has a dedicated customer support department which is ready to listen and resolve your issues


Before selecting any hotel reservation system you must look for the features that actually suit your requirements as its a great tool to simplify your day to day tasks and gives your customers the opportunity to book directly to your hotel instead of going through third party websites.