Beta Source Software Pvt Ltd DMT Software ( Domestic Money Transfer)


The money transfer software is real-time application allowing money transfer facility to any bank which is supporting IMPS or NEFT mode of transactions. It is comprehensive and fully featured application software that takes care of all aspects of your money transfer business. Our money transfer application software is fully safe and secure allowing easy money transfer service in one click. This money remit software provides you robust solution for your money remittance business. It would simplify your business process and daily operations to boost your business profit and visions.

The money transfer software and service provided by Beta Source Software Pvt Ltd Source Software for money remittance agents or business. It’s a b2b solution helpful for customers to transfer the fund easily and quickly. B2b money transfer software and application allows customer to transfer money in any bank quickly.

money transfer  system.  Money Transfer allow you to send money instantly throughout India to any  IMPS supported banks in India for 24 x 7 x 365 to any. Receiver will get the money credited into their bank account within 5 -10 seconds.


  • Amount: The maximum amount that can be transferred through IMPS is Rs. 2 lakh. However, there is no prescribed limit for the minimum amount allowed to make an IMPS transaction
  • Payment Settles within 5-10 Seconds
  • Payment can send 24 x 7
  • Supports only IMPS supported banks.


  • Minimum Limit :- No Limit
  • Maximum Limit Per :- Rs ,10 lac
  • Payment is processing as batch wise and requires 2-8 hours to settle
  • Payment can be send only on working days and hours of RBI
  • Supports all banks in India

Salient Features – Money Transfer, Any Time Any Where

  • Reserve Bank of India approved payment system
  • Great Opportunity for retailers with Small Investment
  • High margins & incentives
  • Safe & Secure Platform powered by Pay Pointz Wallet
  • Transfer Money into any Bank Account
  • Any customer with a Mobile phone can avail this service
  • Easy application & enrollment process for retailers
  • IMPS – Instant Money Transfer Service also available

Requirements For Sending Money

  • Sender shall have a valid mobile number (Non KYC)
  • Sender needs a valid ID Proof for higher sending limit (KYC Customer)
  • Receiver shall have a bank account in any bank at any city in India
  • Sender does not require bank account. He pays in cash at IWT’s registered Outlets
  • Sender shall know the Bank account number and IFSC code details of Receiver

Process Involve In Domestic Money Transfer

  • Sender walks into any nearby DMR outlets
  • Provide basic details for online Registration/IWT Wallet Creation
  • Receives SMS confirmation upon registration along with Wallet details and activation pin (OTP)
  • Shares the pin with IWT-DMR Operators and upon validating, sender accounts get registered and activated
  • Recharge the Wallet by paying Cash to Retailer, which will be used for money transfer
  • Then Sender needs to provide details of Receiver in the same fashion as sender registration process and upon activation, he is ready to send money to Receiver
  • DMR outlet operator select registered receiver under Sender’s Receivers list and chooses the payment mode
  • (IMPS/NEFT) and enters the amount to be sent.
  • Confirmation through SMS to Sender upon payment
  • Receipt printed and Given to Sender