MLM Business Plan Services

Let your development ideas become a reality!
MLM business Plan make your business attractive and fruitfull, web development makes it functional. After web designing and development, Business Plan is the second essential factor that decides how long the user will stay and shake hands on your website. The easy-to-use navigation and dynamic web applications do matter a lot when it comes to retaining a user online. Best Selection of MLM plan has one of the skill to grow any company or brand, we suggest you about the plan that support you to build your future dreams.

Binary Plan

MLM Binary plan software plays a vital and essential role in growth of network.Pair is being distributed in defined ratio. It is widely use plan.

Matrix Plan

In matrix plan MLM software, there are limitations of direct members and depth levels, then it got spilled , thus person also got income who have not referred people.

Generation Plan

In Generation plan MLM Software , a person may have unlimited generations/levels. Mostly companies is using this concept on large basis.

Re-purchase Plan

Where a sell is being repeated and a business volume is being generated to distribute benefit. Repurchase MLM Software is most common plan in modern era.

Board Plan

Board Plan MLM have certain number on members are there in one board, Board Leader gets the benefit after completing the board and enters into new board.

Hybrid Plan

Hybrid Plan MLM Software are tailored to boost the productivity of your sales team by providing various type of incentive earning options. This is most sophisticated plan for all.

Diffrential Plan

It is used mostly in re-purchase MLM software, most attracts customers. you will grow rapid fast using diffrential plan mlm software.It may be attraction.

Stair-step/Orbit Plan

There may be several steps of incentive types, on which income is being given in orbit or stair step mlm software. It is also more often used and attractive.

Uni-Level/Level Plan

Level plan is the best , strongest and basic mlm software concept. Large scale of product selling MLM companies is using this now a days.

MLM Business Plan Services

“Innovative solutions helps to brings out the best in your business”

1. Multi-Currency

Reach worldwide as we assist you by multi-currency option.

2. Multi Language

Spread your direct selling business globally with multiple languages provision.

3. Multi-Vendor

Provide opportunity to vendors to come across on single platform Binge your business with them.

4. Multi-Store

Upsurge customer’s points of purchase with centralized management system.

5. Replicated Website

Distributors can have their own personalized self-replicating website with static URL.

6. Tax Management

All local and International Tax Management

7. Ecommerce Enabled

Integration of Ecommerce portal (for unlimited products). 50+ attractive Themes to choose from.

8. Responsive Software & Website

Web design and software, that fits all sizes

9. Commission Management

Provides up-to-date and clear information on earned and expected commission and incentives.

10. Compatible With Any Plan

Have the ability to combine business plans together for customizing the options.

11. Business Analysis Report

Total Income, Total Out going and Balance

12. Multiple Payment Mode Acceptance

Large Range of Payment Options like Cards, Netbanking, cash, DD, Cheque, Bank Transfer and wallets

13. Reports Can Be Exported To Various Formats

You can export all the reports or data from the system to excel or print them in PDF.

14. E-wallet Recharge & Using Of E-wallet For Purchase

Make payments easy with e-wallets

15. KYC Document Confirmation

Know Your Customer - KYC enables company to know/ understand their customers and verifying his/ her identity by using reliable, independent source documents, data or information.

16. Robust & Flexible Architecture

Our Ability to do the changes, any point of time , without effecting the ongoing business.

17. Various Email & SMS Notifications

Your customers have the right to all the information. Don’t worry! Our System automatically sends an Email or delivers SMS notifications to your customers.

18. Payment Gateways

Pre integrated payment gateways to make process easy. Flexible enough to be get integrated with any of the payment gateways.

19. CMS Based Website

Allows a user, even with limited expertise, to add, modify, and remove content from a website without the intervention of a webmaster.

20. Security Management With Numerous In-build Security Features

Perfecting protection through advanced security management and services means safeguarding the basis of sustained competitiveness and business continuity of our customers.

  • Share products on 190+ social media websites
  • Error log report for admin
  • Pre Integrated Ecommerce & MLM in one single application
  • Robust and flexible architecture
  • Reports can be exports to excel
  • Reports can be exports to PDF
  • Reports can be exports to CSV
  • Search & Filtering options
  • Responsive member module
  • Tried & tested on more than 7 million records
  • No interruption in payment, even if system shut downs
  • Send auto mail to members by selecting relevant mail id
  • Customize SMS and Email matter
  • IP Tracking
  • IP Security authentication
  • Self-Explanatory -Menu System
  • Advance search : i) Filter ii)Field Selection for customized view
  • Auto-complete feature
  • Sign-up from Genealogy
  • Password strength indicator
  • Multiple Payment mode acceptance: cash, DD, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Online payment
  • Multiple Joining Facility
  • Mouse-over information
  • Manual SMS sending
  • Secured login to Ewallet
  • Member to member transfer in Ewallet
  • Request & Approval management in Ewallet
  • Product Purchasing from E-wallet
  • Dynamic New Section
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Achiever List
  • Allows Admin to Create Roles & users
  • Admin can Update Company Information
  • Change Genealogy icons
  • Issue commission through Bank Transfer, In E-Wallet or issuing Cheques.
  • Secured Login to E-Pin
  • Create E-pin type
  • Generate E-Pins
  • Request management
  • Issue E-Pins
  • Block E-pins
  • E-Pin History
  • E-Pin Details
  • E-Pin Stock
  • Commission Statements
  • Commission Reports
  • Payout Calculation
  • Undo/Confirm Payout
  • Multiple Payout Clubbing
  • Advance Management
  • Cheque Printing
  • Payout Analysis
  • Commission Ledger
  • Payout Reconciliation
  • PV Reports
  • Spill ID Report
  • Capping ID Report
  • Simulation ID Report
  • Product PV manager
  • Payout Analysis
  • Reserve Amount manager
  • Offers on Pair basis
  • Create new Schemes
  • Creates new offers
  • Scheme closing
  • Scheme Qualifier Report
  • List of Award qualifier
  • Force full Award qualifier
  • View Member Profile
  • Edit Member Profile
  • Confirm membership
  • Member Upgradation
  • Member Renewal
  • In-Activate Member
  • Block Member
  • Pan card confirmation
  • Receipt Printing
  • Wel-come Letter printing
  • Address Labels
  • Create Category
  • Add new products
  • Create Packages
  • Add Suppliers
  • Add Courier / Transporter
  • VAT management
  • Generate PO to Supplier
  • Stock In-ward
  • Stock Return
  • Product Delivery
  • Re-sale management
  • Product wise stock
  • Date wise sales
  • Member wise order
  • Supplier orders
  • Create Franchisee
  • In-activate Franchisee
  • Product request management @Franchisee
  • Stock Transfer @Franchisee
  • Stock return @Franchisee
  • Product delivery @Franchisee
  • Create Bill @Franchisee
  • Stock reports @Franchisee
  • Background Music @website
  • Visitor Feedback @website
  • Visitor count @website
  • Live Chat @website
  • Joining Types supports: Full Paid, Credit ,Free
  • Signup From Website directly
  • Signup From members only area
  • Quick Signup
  • Tree view
  • Total count(s)
  • My Directs
  • Levelwise count
  • Royalty Qualification status
  • My Directs Members in Binary Plan
  • Customized re-shuffling logic
  • Spill Network Report
  • Board Qualifiers
  • Set Amt on Board Breaking
  • Board Tracking
  • Sign up From vacant place in Board
  • Graphical Board view
  • Possible Members who can come in Board
  • Board History
  • Real time Commission on Board Break
  • All Board History
  • Universal features like Date format, Timing,
  • Universal tax management
  • Country specific enrollment option.
  • Pluggable Architecture
  • Developed in latest technology- ASP.NET 4.5 (MVC 5.0)
  • Unlimited static pages
  • Task Scheduling
  • Easy to install, easy to customize
  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Bulk uploading user data
  • Scheduler for payout calculation
  • Cross platform application
  • As Per Guidelines

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